Product Design, Brand Design & Creative Marketing Communication


Bank Street® Creative Marketing Agency

Bank Street® creative team offers services in strategy, design, technology, advertising and consulting creative ideas, plans and execution for corporates.

Bank Street® Innovative Product Package Design

Bank Street® creative team help corporate design product package with clarity and simplicity, honesty, authenticity, shelf impact, extensibility and practicability. Some FMCG lasts over two decades in channels.

Bank Street® Product Brand and Corporate Brand Design

Bank Street® creative team help corporate design corporate brands and product brand portfolio. Our know-how in unique branding strategy, identify, inspiration for an impactful brand and brand visual portfolios.



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Bank Street® Integrated Marketing Communication

Bank Street® creative team ensures that all forms of communications and messages are carefully linked together. At its most basic level, Integrated Marketing Communications, or IMC, to ensures all promotional tools and integrated and work together in harmony.

Bank Street® Corporate Marketing

Bank Street® creative team help corporate to promote corporate entityto multiple stakeholders, with corporate culture aligned and brand extension reaches multiple touch-points with high acceptance.


Bank Street® Client Media Plan Development

Bank Street® creative team ensures development of media plan consistently delivered with the followings: media mix, target market, coverage consideration, geographic coverage, scheduling effectively,
Reach with proper frequency, create aspects and mood flexibility within budget constraints.






Chain Store Turbo Revenue Generator “SalePointer®” by BrainVision®

What is Sale-Pointer®?

Digitalized Flyers / Coupons

  • A mobile apps: Speed up buyers decision
  • Promote by Best prices
  • Grow Business for Retailers
  • Save buyers’ wallets
  • Anytime Anywhere



SalePointer® Apps Benefits

  • Build Retailers Brands
  • Unlimited geographical search
  • Shared with circles
  • Build buyer profile
  • Create shopping lists
  • Notify discounts
  • Notify preferences
  • Notify proximity
  • Recommend ‘likes’
  • Access neighborhood locations


Chain Store Turbo Revenue Generator Apps


North America & Asia Pacific

Sale-Pointer® Industries

  • Fashion & Clothing
  • Chain Stores
  • Chain Restaurants



Application for Chain Stores

  • Search Personal Categories
  • Users see what they prefer
  • Create buyer profiles
  • Connect to buyer groups
  • Link to Social Media
  • GPS Compatible for Location
  • Notify by Messages


BrainVision® Big Data Analytics

  • 27% population heavy flyer seekers
  • 55% population casual flyer seeks
  • 82% responds to flyers
  • 76% prefer e-flyers
  • 26% Retailers provides e-flyers


BrainVision® Market Research, Analytics & Data


About BrainVision®

BrainVision helps medium-large businesses by providing professional marketing research and data intelligence services. The growing number of small businesses, constitutes an enormous potential client base that demands expertise in market research, statistical analysis and data intelligence. The team constitutes with reliable professionals with over 20 years of experience.

BrainVision® Scope of Services

The services scope focuses on:

  • market research
  • data intelligence
  • marketing campaign
  • optimizations and segmentations
  • business analytics
  • GIS spatial analysis
  • demographic profiling
  • statistical modelling and analysis
  • business intelligence
  • project management
  • software and database development, and
  • business strategy research

BrainVision® Capabilities

  • Customer Surveys
  • Predictive Modelling
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Business Analytics
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Direct Mail
  • Telemarketing Targeting
  • Report Automation
  • Ad Hoc Queries
  • SQL Programming
  • Customer Research
  • Data Mining, and
  • Software Development

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BrainVision® Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence leverages on data assets to predict trends, track product performance, and plan coherent and relevant marketing strategies and tactics. With the ability to measure, understand, predict business performance, decision-makers can now take action at the right time. We help businesses understand the overall business data from processes, customers and applications.

Geographic Information Sys (GIS)

BrainVision manages projects in Area Targeting, Demographic Reports, and GIS Spatial Analysis and Solution. As a data intelligence company, BrainVision applies GIS expertise in data mining and in Web GIS software development.
GIS or spatial data mining is the application of data mining methods to spatial data. Our applications are marketing campaign geo-targeting, environmental monitoring etc.


BrainVision® Market Research

Knowing who our customers are, how to meet their needs, and how to connect with them are important business questions that are increasingly difficult to answer in the current market landscape. In order for a business to win, it needs to be equipped with the right tools and analytical models to gain valuable insights into a highly-diverse and segmented market.
At BrainVision, we partner with you to design research methodologies that will tailor to your business needs. We offer quantitative and qualitative research, online survey and testing.

BrainVision® Market Analytics

According to Gartner, everything is moving toward data: big data, mobile data, performance data, campaign data, product data, pricing data, and even tracking data. BrainVision Market Analytics help client identify the right metrics that can enable you to prioritize your resources and reap healthy ROIs that will justify your marketing costs. New business acquisitions, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities can be generated through our vigorous statistical and data analysis approach. Our analytics plan will take your business models into account and develop a set of metrics that will fit your unique needs and buying funnels.

Bank Street® FOXGLOBAL® Mobile HRIS Managers

Bank Street® FOXGLOBAL® Mobile HRIS & ERP Manager™

This Mobile HRIS Manager series is powered by FOXGOBAL Technologies. The product is intended to add value to banking and financial institutions, consumer groups, retailing chains and mid cap companies to small cap companies to ensure their front offices and back offices productivity and efficiencies are enhanced by cloud computing at an affordable costs.


Bank Street® FOXGLOBAL® Mobile HRIS™ by Cloud Computing

This HRIS Mobile functions include the following functions: Time card, Payroll, Leave, Expense Claim etc. It also include Project Management, Invoicing, Payment, and Contract Management, and CRM.

Bank Street® Mobile HR™


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Project Management: Outdoor

Typical module includes the project management function to monitor project tasks, breakdown to the hours according to the employee assigned. It also manages project flexibly by self-defined phases and activities, and to track and report project status, expenses by each resource for each phase easily. It can carry out project profitability analysis anytime and anywhere.

Client Management

This help maintain client database with multiple contact points and other detailed information. It identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities by a consolidated view of client company contacts.

Timecard Management

This function fills in time card by project phase and activities easily. It monitors actual time spent on each project phase by each employee through flexible built-in reporting functions. Besides, it optimizes resources allocation through identification of over-utilized or under-utilized employees

Contract & Invoice Management

It manages contract information and store all contract related documents online. It also back-up and store all information securely. It help alerts for issuing and settlement of invoice payments in a smart manner. It generate an invoice with just one click and build-in reporting to show contract and payment status in a flexible manner.

Bank Street® Mobile Sales™


Leave Management

This supports different types of companies’ leave policies to cater for their need. It also streamlines the leave application process to enhance efficiency. It centralizes leave schedule with high transparency to reduce company liability. It defines the approval flow by drag-and-drop to satisfy management need.

Document Management

This uploads and retrieves documents with just one click, anytime anywhere. It centralizes repository for important project documents for easy sharing.

Travelling and Expenses Claim

This assist in reporting and claiming of reimbursement and related information on company,
department and individual perspective in an easy way. It links reimbursements with project for project cost monitoring directly.

It automates email notifications for reimbursement status updates. Besides, it defines the approval flow by drag-and-drop to satisfy management need flexibly. It enables submittal and approval anytime anywhere, that save the administrative time and costs tremendously.