Anchors® Hotel Commercial Properties Advisory

Anchors® Hotels and Commercial Properties Advisory assists property owners or property groups in identifying value enhancement and value maximization space.

Anchors® Hotel Commercial Properties Portfolio Investment

Anchors® helps hotels and commercial properties business owners and properties investors to operate and to advise on (i) Design; (ii) Build; (iii) Operate; (iv) Divest phases.

Anchors® Portfolio Management: Leasing, Asset Management & Investment Management

Anchors® properties values can be managed through seamless portfolio mix, leasing strategies, spatial intervention, state-of-art redesign, and increases in capital expenditure projects.

Anchors® Specializes in Hotel REIT or Hotel REOC

Anchors® specializes in evaluating, identifying, formatting, planning and financing Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) under the REIT Code of the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong; and listing in the main board of Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.

Anchors® Hotel Mixed-Use Portfolio Leasing Strategy

  • Redesign grey mall with new theme
  • Foot traffic re-design
  • Spatial re-partitioning
  • Zoning re-anchor tenants

Anchors® Hotel and Real Estate Fund

  • Core Real Estate Funds
  • Opportunistic Real Estate Funds


Anchors® Hotels or / and Offices Acquisition

  • Core or non-core district investment
  • Enbloc Hotels investment or conversion

Anchors® Overseas Hotels Investment

Anchors® assists clients in building up property portfolio and exploring the investment opportunities in overseas markets.

Anchors® Hotels Divestment or Redevelopment

Anchors® advises clients on divestment opportunities and also exploring any redevelopment opportunities to realize highest and best property values for clients.

Anchors® Other Commercial Properties

  • Shopping Mall
  • Premium A, A and B Offices
  • Full services Hotels
  • Select-service Hotels
  • Full services apartments
  • Hotel-styled apartments
  • Industrial Parks
  • Car-parking Ports
  • Re-development Projects

Anchors® Hotel Land and Development

  • Land Acquisition
  • Land & Property Valuations
  • Design-Build-Operate
  • Conversion
  • Property Financing
  • Listing: REIT and REOC
  • Fund Management
  • Leasing Management
  • Property Management
  • Re-development: brown fields

Anchors® Quick Services Restaurant Brand
Market Entry: Franchise or Self Owned

Anchors® assists clients in building up Quick Services Restaurants leading to IPO and divestment. Besides, Sloane is experienced in identifying capital partners to grow the QSR chains.

Anchors ® Franchise in Hospitality & Beverage Brands

Anchors® Joint Venture and Franchise Operating System

Anchors® Franchise Operating System assists the overseas brand owners (franchisor) to license a third party (franchisee) acquires to allow them to have access to a business of the franchisor for their proprietary knowledge, processes and trademarks in order to allow the party to sell a product or provide a service under the original business’s name.

Understanding of Anchors® JV and Franchise Operating System

Anchors® Franchise Operating System is the practice of the right to use a firm’s successful business model and brand for a prescribed period of time. Mid-sized franchises like restaurants, retail stores involve substantial investment; whereas large franchises like hotels, spas and hospitals needs more investment.

Fees and Contractual agreements: Anchors® JV and Franchise Operating System

Inside the Anchors® Franchise Operating System, there are three vital payments are received by a franchisor: (a) a royalty for the trademark, (b) reimbursement for the training and advisory services given to the franchisee, and (c) a percentage of the individual business unit’s sales. These three fees are combined in a single ‘management’ fee. A fee for “disclosure” is separate and is always a “front-end fee”.


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Anchors® Franchise Period

Anchors® franchise usually lasts for a fixed time period (broken down into shorter periods, which each require renewal), and serves a specific territory or geographical area surrounding its location. One franchisee may manage several such locations. Agreements typically last from five (5) to thirty (30) years, with premature cancellations or terminations of most contracts bearing serious consequences for franchisees. A franchise is merely a temporary business investment involving renting or leasing an opportunity, not the purchase of a business for the purpose of ownership.

Anchors® Franchise Fee

Anchors® franchise fees are on average with an additional average marketing fee. However, not all franchise opportunities share the same and many franchise organizations are pioneering new model hat challenge antiquated structures and redefine success for the organization as well as the franchisee. Anchors® franchise can be exclusive, non-exclusive or “sole and exclusive”.


Anchors® Franchise in
Food Chain, Beverage Brands, Restaurant, Hospitality Brands

Anchors® Franchise Disclosure Document

Although franchisor revenues and profit may be listed in a franchise disclosure document (FDD), there is no requirement for an estimate of franchisee profitability, which depends on how intensively the franchisee “works” the franchise. Therefore, franchisor fees are typically based on “gross revenue from sales” and not on profits realized.


Anchors® Regional Master Franchisors

Anchors® Franchise serves as a Franchise Agency to help franchisors find appropriate franchisees. There are also main ‘master franchisors’ who obtain the rights to sub-franchise in a territory.