About Us


Bank Street® and Sloane Manhattan®  are business brands created by Sloane Group.  Sloane Group was established after the financial tsunami in 2008 by a group of banking and financial executives. The quantitative easing measures initiated from the US and subsequently other central banks around the globe catalyzed Sloane® Group commenced its first business in staffing Financial Executives nearby the Bank Street in Hong Kong.  We formed many teams for banking and financial institutions within and nearby IFC, ICC, Exchange Square, and financial building clusters during the past years.   Today, our operations and operating brands Bank Street® and others extend to manpower and education, productivity and technology, marketing and franchise, property and hospitality businesses.  ‘Sloane’ (ˌsləʊn) is  a high street area in London and is pronounced as “si-long” in Putonghua, with a similar sound of “事隆”or  “是龍”in Cantonese dialect, and a meaning of prosperity in things.   Our Group’s businesses excel with all walks of life in the Bank Street blessing banking and non-banking people.   Our business focuses on “People, Process and Performance” with the ultimate goal aim to help individuals and organizations in the Greater China region to achieve transformational results and performance.   We sincerely thanks clients offer us opportunities to excel with them in the Bank Street® businesses.